H Type Eccentric Press


We have been working as the leading machine maker for sheet metal fabrication . Our machines are exported to many countries including Germany, Russia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, Bulgaria, Libya, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Japan, Kenya, etc..

Our machine range includes;
- hydraulic presses (single or double action - 50 to 1500 tons upon customer request)
- eccentric presses with mechanical or pneumatic clutch (C type or H type upto 300 tons)
- hole perforation machines with multi punch,
- press brakes & guillotine shears (upto 12x4100 mm).
- roll bending machines & dish end forming/flanging machines
- custom made machines for sheet metal fabrication.

Incase you have any inquiry, please visit our web site www.elmali.com.tr and feel free to contact us for further details.

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