Chocolate Packing Machine


I am pleased to introduce our company MEMAK Machinery as the leading manufacturer of chocolate produciton & packing machines in Turkey.

50% of our some 1100+ machines are exported and working in more than 30 countries from Cameroon, Morocco to Russia - China, from South Africa to the UK.

Our new developed line for Jelly Sweets production started in 2 factories with success and 3rd line exported to Sudan.

Our production program includes
- sugar powder mill,
- butter melting tank,
- chocolate preparation mixers,
- ball mill mixer,
- one shot chocolate depositor & chocolate shell moulding line,
- cooling tunnel,
- twist wrapping-packing machines ,
- cup filling machines for cream chocolate,
- vacuum cookers for candies,
- jelly cookers, etc..
- bonbon and toffee production lines.

Soon, bakery equipment and ovens will be offered to the market.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, we remain.

Best Regards
Export Coordinator

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